[PVE-User] Temporary Migration from Proxmox VE 3.3 (licenced) to 3.1

Christian Doering cd at comfortticket.de
Tue Oct 7 15:08:33 CEST 2014

Hello PVE Team,

is it possible to migrate a Windows 2012 Server from a clusternode with
Proxmox 3.3 running and a valid community licence to a temporary
standalone server with the unsupported (testing) Proxmox 3.1.

I'm experiencing network problems with the cluster and want to
investigate, while the virtual machines should run at a fallback server.
I want to look into the problems with as few downtime as possible and
don't have to do it in a hurry either.

However, Windows won't start correct, that is, not at all with rebooting
short after starting to load. This might possibly (my guess) be due to
"hardware" changes in the VM. The real hardware, a DELL R720, is
identical to the ones in the cluster.
I don't want to alter the VM or resolving it within the Windows recovery
environment. It simply should run at the other Server and eventually go
back in the cluster without it even recognize the change.

The greatest difference in the versions I see is the pve-qemu-kvm (the
VMs are KVM virtualised) which is version 1.4-17 on the pve-test machine
and 2.1-5 on the stable.

Is it because of this discrepancy that my VMs won't recognize the
virtualised hardware as their original or are there other problems. I
had so far almost no problems migrating VMs to other versions of the
Proxmox VE. However, I think, that were linux machines.

Would it help to upgrade the System to stable (buying a licence) or
would I get the same errors again?

PS: the network problems which I'm unable to pin so far (it didn't occur
again, too):

best regards, C. Doering
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