[PVE-User] Debian and systemd

Dmitry Petuhov mityapetuhov at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 05:18:12 CET 2014

25.11.2014 5:10, Ric Moore пишет:
> Has anyone experimented and/or used systemd with Proxmox?? There's supposed to be features that would be useful for clusters. Thanks! Ric
I don't think systemd will work in Debian 7 (on top of which PVE 3.x built). Also none of PVE services have systemd configs.

Debian 8 will be on systemd, so we only have to wait for PVE 4.

According to previous releases, I hope it will be few months after releasing debian, which comes in few months. So 2 times few months :-)

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