[PVE-User] Migrate failed - clusvcadm -M pvevm:115 -m proxmox01' failed: exit code 239

Cédric Bernard cbernard at sisteer.com
Thu Nov 20 19:26:36 CET 2014


I have an error when I try to migrate one VM on another node. It works
with all the other VMs except one VM 115. I have this error :

Executing HA migrate for VM 115 to node cbv-inf-proxmox01
Trying to migrate pvevm:115 to cbv-inf-proxmox01...Failed; service
running on original owner
TASK ERROR: command 'clusvcadm -M pvevm:115 -m cbv-inf-proxmox01'
failed: exit code 239

This VM has the same configuration relative the other VM, she is on LVM
storage shared.

On pve tasks log, I have these errors :

Executing HA migrate for VM 115 to node cbv-inf-proxmox04
Trying to migrate pvevm:115 to cbv-inf-proxmox04...Failed; service
running on original owner
TASK ERROR: command 'clusvcadm -M pvevm:115 -m cbv-inf-proxmox04'
failed: exit code 239
Executing HA start for VM 115
Member cbv-inf-proxmox02 trying to enable pvevm:115...Aborted; service
TASK ERROR: command 'clusvcadm -e pvevm:115 -m cbv-inf-proxmox02'
failed: exit code 254

What does this error mean ?

Thank you in advance !
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