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Michael Rasmussen mir at miras.org
Mon Nov 10 00:19:29 CET 2014

On Mon, 10 Nov 2014 08:59:39 +1000
Lindsay Mathieson <lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 10 November 2014 08:53, Michael Rasmussen <mir at miras.org> wrote:
> > On Mon, 10 Nov 2014 08:32:34 +1000
> > Lindsay Mathieson <lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >> I revisited gluster, this time formatted the filesystem per recommendations
> >> (difficult to find). This seemed to resolved the I/O problems, haven't been
> >> able to recreate them no matter what the load.
> >>
> > What recommendations?
> creation:
> mkfs.xfs -i size=512 -n size=8192  /dev/<dev?
> mounting:
> inode64,nobarrier,noatime,nodiratime,logbufs=8,logbsize=256k
> nobarrier only if you *don't* have a controller cache, or it is battery backed.
I think -n size=8192 and inode64 is only useful if your storage size is
greater than can be address by 32 bit. -n size=8192 will use more of
the available storage for metadata and inode64 consumes more RAM so if
this is not needed it will only hurt both your performance and
available storage.

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