[PVE-User] Default vCPU

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Fri Nov 7 16:48:41 CET 2014


On 07/11/14 16:17, ingo.schmitt at binarysignals.net wrote:
> PVE Lovers and Devs,
> as I set up my first VM with Gentoo as OS,
> I was wondering why the virtual CPU had no >sse2 and avx flags.

I guess kvm64 does not provide such extensions.
> Why is the CPU per default set to kvm64 and not to
> "host" which uses more of the host CPU's features?
If you use "host" you could have problems when live-migrating VMs 
between proxmox nodes, due to CPUs having different extensions. This 
problem happens when you live-migrate a CT to a node with different CPU 


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