[PVE-User] ISCSI - which target software?

Stefan Sänger stefan.saenger at gr13.net
Tue May 20 22:15:50 CEST 2014

So, after some testing I thought to provide at least some feedback...

On 19.05.2014 14:05, Stefan Sänger wrote:
> Since openfiler is discontinued I thought about using LIO and ran into
> the same problem as described in this forum post:
> http://forum.proxmox.com/threads/13759-iSCSI-errors-on-storage-server

Since I mentioned that I found some hints about using a later kernel 
than 3.2 I tried to use the kernel from debian backports, and I even 
tried to install ubuntu 14.04.

All give the same result. Maybe this is just a configuration issue, but 
I did not find a solution. Unfortunately I need the system to work 
pretty soon, so time for testing is limited right now.

I went back to iet and it is just working as expected.

So, I will definitely do some testing in my testbed again. But for 
production use I have to stick to iet for now...

Best regards,


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