[PVE-User] Error deleting Ceph volume from KVM virtual machine

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Sun May 18 21:15:36 CEST 2014

Hi Greg,

You should always stop a VM to effectively remove a hard disk: the 
running VM doesn't free it until it is stopped. You can make changes in 
configured harddisks in PVE GUI but they won't be activated until next 
stop/start (reboot doesn't work AFAIK).

That said, the remove error could be because of a timeout deleting the 
somewhat big disk.


On 17/05/14 00:44, Greg Poirier wrote:
> I have a 1TB RBD volume attached to a KVM virtual machine. Removing 
> the volume from this machine was somewhat problematic.
> While the machine is running:
> I selected the disk and clicked Remove. This cause the disk to appear 
> as 'unused0' which mapped to the Ceph RBD volume.
> I then highlighted 'unused0' and clicked Remove again.
> I got three errors:
> One was a timeout error attempting to get flock the VM's lock file 
> (/var/lock/qemu-server/lock-400.conf).
> Another was a connection timeout error.
> Another was an internal server error.
> I was unable to find any logs specifying the exact nature of any of 
> these errors. pvedaemon and pveproxy both simply logged the request.
> I tried deleting the disk from Ceph directly which is when I 
> discovered the watcher on the rbd_header object. I verified that it 
> was the KVM process that held the lock on the RBD volume and shutdown 
> the VM.
> While the machine is not running:
> After selecting the 'unused0' disk and clicking Remove the web 
> interface froze for some time, and then finally came back with an 
> Internal Server Error.
> The volume was no longer present in the web interface, and I confirmed 
> both that the volume was no longer listed in rbd -p volumes ls -- as 
> well as inspecting attempting to inspect all of the objects that used 
> to make up the volume (rbd.stat returned an exception saying that the 
> file wasn't found--confirming the volume's completed deletion).
> I am running PVE 3.1-24/060bd5a6  with the 2.6.32 kernel.
> Is this a known issue? Has this been fixed in later versions of 
> Proxmox? Should I file a new bug? Is there any additional information 
> I should attempt to gather before filing?
> Thanks!
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