[PVE-User] Error deleting Ceph volume from KVM virtual machine

Greg Poirier greg.poirier at opower.com
Sat May 17 00:44:12 CEST 2014

I have a 1TB RBD volume attached to a KVM virtual machine. Removing the
volume from this machine was somewhat problematic.

While the machine is running:

I selected the disk and clicked Remove. This cause the disk to appear as
'unused0' which mapped to the Ceph RBD volume.

I then highlighted 'unused0' and clicked Remove again.

I got three errors:
One was a timeout error attempting to get flock the VM's lock file
Another was a connection timeout error.
Another was an internal server error.

I was unable to find any logs specifying the exact nature of any of these
errors. pvedaemon and pveproxy both simply logged the request.

I tried deleting the disk from Ceph directly which is when I discovered the
watcher on the rbd_header object. I verified that it was the KVM process
that held the lock on the RBD volume and shutdown the VM.

While the machine is not running:

After selecting the 'unused0' disk and clicking Remove the web interface
froze for some time, and then finally came back with an Internal Server

The volume was no longer present in the web interface, and I confirmed both
that the volume was no longer listed in rbd -p volumes ls -- as well as
inspecting attempting to inspect all of the objects that used to make up
the volume (rbd.stat returned an exception saying that the file wasn't
found--confirming the volume's completed deletion).

I am running PVE 3.1-24/060bd5a6  with the 2.6.32 kernel.

Is this a known issue? Has this been fixed in later versions of Proxmox?
Should I file a new bug? Is there any additional information I should
attempt to gather before filing?

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