[PVE-User] Proxmox Wishlist

Matthew W. Ross mross at ephrataschools.org
Tue May 13 20:59:20 CEST 2014

Here's a wish-list of things I would love to see in a future release of Proxmox:
Clustering from the GUI. It's sad but true: If it can't be done from they GUI, some people won't use the feature. Even though I can show some potential Proxmox users how to cluster, they won't touch a command line. Thus, they turn to VMware or Hyper-V.A basic TUI. For those who are courageous enough to try Linux, they could use a little help with the little things. I suggest a menu-driven program to help with basic tasks on the server, which can be run directly from the console. Give it some basic abilities, like changing IP address settings, and installing updates.Software Raid of some kind. I know that has been discussed in the past. Simply put, some users are running ProxMox on non-server grade hardware, and cannot afford a $300 RAID Card. Perhaps something less sophisticated, like a backup-to-USB that is bootable?Less Java. I'm happy to see the SPICE protocol being used, but client integration is still a work-in-progress. A HTML5 solution such as NoVNC or a HTML5 SPICE client would help aleviate this, and drop the need for the slow and buggy JAVA client.Thank you for the awesome product!

--Matt Ross
Ephrata School District

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