[PVE-User] using virt-viewer in bash withouth sed and awk...

Diaolin diaolin at diaolin.com
Mon Mar 17 12:02:30 CET 2014

Il 2014-03-17 11:47 Dietmar Maurer ha scritto:
>> could i have, via
>> curl -k -d "username=$USERNAME&password=$PASSWORD"
>> https://$PROXY:8006/api2/whateverapi"
>> the list of spice enabled VM?
> # pvesh get /cluster/resources -type vm
> but there is no filter for spice enabled VMs.
> What do you want to do exactly?

I need to enumerate the spice enabled machines for the spice
bash script....

it would be good an interface like this:

zenity --password --username

and then use it for enumerating the

existing spice machines

presenting a list of spice enabled vms...
( with name could be fantastic )

This can be used for giving the access to VMS
withouth (for the user) knowing the real ID


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