[PVE-User] Use GlusterFS or Ceph for proxmox vm's...

Franck Parisy franck at parisy.net
Wed Jul 23 09:30:12 CEST 2014

I had tested the 2 solutions for a long time before Proxmox include Ceph package. Make choice has been very difficult. 

On my mind, Ceph is more efficient for Vms storage (best Iops, recovery vhen osd falls) but difficult to adjust (many parameters). 

Gluster is really good for backups or files storage, Nfs is native, more simple to deploy but this technology is older so they had many problems with KVM/Qemu. 

Both technologies have been purchased by Red Hat so both are good ! ;-) 

If i can give my opinion : 

If you must migrate today : choose Ceph 

If you have time : Try the both 

A little "howto" without any ambition (it's just a working doc) 



I have choose Ceph with Proxmox and deployed it one year's ago without any problems. 

Sorry for my bad English ;-) 

Franck Parisy. 
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Objet: [PVE-User] Use GlusterFS or Ceph for proxmox vm's... 

Forgive me by the off topic, but I wonder if someone here can point me the performance difference between GlusterFS and Ceph... 
Which one is faster? Why? Some docs or websites?? 
Thank you... 

Gilberto Ferreira 

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