[PVE-User] Proxmox and IBM StorWize V3700

THe_ZiPMaN flavio-pve at zipman.it
Sun Jul 20 15:53:49 CEST 2014

On 07/20/2014 01:32 AM, Gilberto Nunes wrote:
> Hi
> I'm about to install Proxmox lastest version in a customer and this
> customer has a IBM Storwize V3700...
> So I am collecting some data about this storage... Mainly if it has
> hability to make snapshots on ISCSI protocol...
> Somebody knows something about it??

It can make flash copies which are snapshots or clones of LUNS. Using
them is really simple and you can join multiple flash copies into
consistency groups, which is really helpful if you want to keep parts of
the same application on multiple LUNS. Putting all them in the same
consistency group allows to keep a synchronous snapshot of all the luns
at the same time, giving you sure application consistency (I think this
is the most important missing feature of LVM).

Then you can map the snapshot targets to the backup server and make
backup from them.

The only problem is how to take the snapshots... you can schedule them
on the Storewize software, but if you need to take them in a software
controlled manner then you have to buy FlashCopy Manager (a bit
expensive) or prepare scripts and launch them via ssh (not too difficult
but prone to errors if you don't know exactly how to deal with SVC
internals and CLI).

See this video for a presentation.
It's for the V7000 but it applies seamlessy to V3700 for this specific

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