[PVE-User] Hot resize of Windows virtio disks ?

Gilou contact+dev at gilouweb.com
Wed Jul 9 16:02:50 CEST 2014


I'm new on the list, so if you think this shouldn't be posted here, feel 
free to direct me elsewhere.

I tried to resize a disk on Windows 2012/2008, and I got this error :
you can't online resize a virtio windows bootdisk

Why not ? It seems to be fully supported on 2008 & 2012, so I wonder if 
I missed some incompatibility that would blow out at my face..

Code is in API2/Qemu.pm:2643 (in 3.2-129)
             die "you can't online resize a virtio windows bootdisk\n"
                 if PVE::QemuServer::check_running($vmid) && 
$conf->{bootdisk} eq $disk && $conf->{ostype} =~ m/^w/ && $disk =~ 

I would say something like $conf->{ostype} =~ m/^w[^i]/ to only match 
pre-2008 windows, that most likely won't like this kind of resizing (Or 
let Proxmox believe it's Linux, but I guess that would have other 
implications, maybe).



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