[PVE-User] Proxmox IO graphs

Shain Miley SMiley at npr.org
Fri Jan 31 16:11:31 CET 2014


I am just wondering how you are obtaining the Disk IO stats are available in the Proxmox 3.x web interface.

The reason I am asking is this...I have been attempting to monitor the overall host IO on each of our servers in order to determine what kind of performance I would need in order to move from our current local disk storage setup...to one that uses shared storage (Ceph).

The problem I am having is this...the Proxmox gui does not currently provide the overall host IO stats...only per vm stats.

I added each host to cacti in an effort to gather these stats using snmp.  After I ran some benchmarks...the cacti graphs do not accurately represent the IO that is being generated...however the Proxmox per vm stats do.

How are you currently getting these stats?

Also...is there any plans to add an overall host IO graph to the gui?



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