[PVE-User] Experience with KVM and Windows Server Vms

Bart Lageweg | Bizway bart at bizway.nl
Thu Jan 30 13:03:01 CET 2014

Hi Christian,

We have 20+ Windows VM's with Proxmox.
No problems, we are doing P2V with Windows Backup/Restore.
Using Intel LAN drivers, and Virtio for storage.


Good luck!

Bart Lageweg
Bizway BV

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Onderwerp: [PVE-User] Experience with KVM and Windows Server Vms

Hi guys,

do you have long time experience in running windows Servers 2008+ on kvm in a prodoctive environment?
We are using a lot of Vmware stuff and I want to create a testing envirnment with kvm. What are the known issues, what are your personal experiences?

Thanks chris

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