[PVE-User] LITTLEPATCH: My suggestion about explicit name in bridge configuration

Diaolin diaolin at diaolin.com
Wed Jan 29 10:35:01 CET 2014

Il 2014-01-29 10:10 Dietmar Maurer ha scritto:
>> With this simple patch(???)/change i can give a name like
>> vmbr0lan
>> vmbr1net
>> vmbr2dmz
> Please can you use the mailing lists to send patches instead of private 
> mail?
> We do not plan to change the naming convention. But I would accept a
> patch which add a comment field for network interfaces.

Ok, but i think that this is not so interesting due to the
impossibility to view the name with all commands like ip or ifconfig

My suggestion is simple...

when i need to add a label i add this to the iface name
or i maintain the normal name convention

just an addition to the name

Why not change naming convention?

For eth i understand but for bonding and bridging it's only a name


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