[PVE-User] w2008r2 p2v

Alessandro Briosi ab1 at metalit.com
Wed Jan 22 01:51:12 CET 2014

Il 21/01/2014 21:52, Alain Péan ha scritto:
> Yes, I already migrated VMs from VMWare to Proxmox. The vmdk image file
> format is equivalent to raw disk format in Proxmox. I think this is this
> one that you should use. qcow2 is for dynamic disks growing when adding
> more data, as are dynamic disks in VMWare.
> What I did is create in Proxmox the VM and the disk in raw format with
> the same size as the vmdk one, then replace the proxmox raw file with
> the vmdk files, just renaming them with the exact same name.

Really? Actually I don't think that raw is the same as vmdk, but I might
be mistaken.

Imho you should either convert vmdk to row or qcow2 depending on what
you want to use.


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