[PVE-User] w2008r2 p2v

Alessandro Briosi ab1 at metalit.com
Tue Jan 21 21:39:05 CET 2014

Il 21/01/2014 20:22, Tonči Stipičević ha scritto:
> Hello to everybody,
> till recently I hoped that I had 100% reliable solution for doing p2v
> this way:
> http://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Migration_of_servers_to_Proxmox_VE#Physical_.28running.29_Windows_server_to_Proxmox_VE_.28KVM.29_using_VMware_Converter
> and it worked perfectly till the last virtualization of w2008r2
> So I succesfully did the step from physical to vmware with the little
> help from vmware converter :-) and it works in vmware player.
> But then after I converted vmdk to qcow2   the machine will not boot ...
> it just stops at the very beginning saying (bios screen)  Boot from hdd
> ....     and it just waits  and waits
> I thought that if something works in vmware player it will work 100% in
> proxmox
> Is there any step that I could do wrong ?
> any tip/hint will be very appreciated
> thank you very much in advance
> and

It seems the conversion from vmdk to qcow2 is not working correctly.

This is not a direct answer to your question, but I have successfully
migrated a win2008r2 p2v whith the following procedure.

0. install the mergeide on the physical machine
1. Use Windows Backup to do a full backup to a network storage.
2. Stop the physical machine.
3. Create (with IDE or SCSI DISK) and boot the virtual machine via the
W2008R2 install media and do a full restore from the network backup
4. Start the VM in repair mode from the CDROM and load the system hive.
5. Enable the "ide" or "scsi" driver in the registry
6. Reboot the VM
7. Adapt if necessary the network and enlarge the disk partition.
8. Enabled the virtio HD driver for better performance.

Depending on the size of the disk (data) it might take a long time.


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