[PVE-User] openiscsi with Proxmox

Muhammad Yousuf Khan sirtcp at gmail.com
Fri Jan 3 12:03:02 CET 2014


> SLOG - dedicated device (partition) to hold ZIL on it instead of the pool
> (much quicker than pool -> high iops for sync writes)
> first of thanks for writing an informative input.
 as it seems, a person must need 1 SSD for L2ARC and 2xmirrored SSDs for
ZIL, now the question is do we also need a SSD for SLOG

Thanks Fabio, i have a dell workstation 490 and it only support SATAv2 or
3gb speed.

do you guys think by tweaking ZFS a bit and using multiple SSDs for ZIL,
L2ARC  and may be SLOG can give me 4x1GB from each interface. as i
mentioned i have 12GB RAM.

we are a small company, not too much reads and writes, we mostly checkin
checkout our software codes to the VM repositories.
so i think generally we have less IOPS but yes we have huge files in form
of VMs and they should be backed up every week and snapshot ZFS on daily

so with this load what you guys think, can i achieve 4x1gb Ethernet output?

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