[PVE-User] openiscsi with Proxmox

Fábio Rabelo fabio at fabiorabelo.wiki.br
Thu Jan 2 14:25:08 CET 2014

Hi to all

2014/1/2 Muhammad Yousuf Khan <sirtcp at gmail.com>:
> Thanks Fabio. i am already using this in our testing i use this for almost 2
> months for test and what i found out about this product is in the list
> below.
> 1, Very complex command structure, even for changing the IP i have to run
> several commands and quite long one.

To be honest, I do not hing that it is that complex, it is just
different from Linux ...

> 2. since most of the troubleshooting done from console end (SSH), and due to
> above reason user can not find the problem that easy.

I had to use console just for network setup, everything else I am able
to do within web UI !

> 3. 3rd party linux type apps like dstat,htop,iotop and blah blah . all are
> missing. and with out these tools it is almost like we are learning some
> thing very new.

Sorry to disagree, they are all there, just need to dig a Little
deeper, in the OmniOS community .

> 4. small community.

That is true .

> 5. (please correct me if i am wrong) nappit is not opensource, evaluation is
> 60 days and afterwords we have to pay. i think the backend omni and
> openindiana is the only opensource

You need to pay only if you want HA ( and some other features that I
can live without )

> 6. installing thirparty is also a challange defining repository and all is
> very different from linux. unlike apt-get (/etc/apt/sourcelist) and yum

Same as íten 1, just another way to do things, not that complex ...

> i know this might be the best solution out there, but the big problem is we
> can not use DRBD on this. they have a paid module for HA.
> therefore i decided not to head-bang with this any more. my conclusion with
> this app is, it is only good for ZFS and GUI. and i think just learning too
> much for only ZFS not worth the effort as ZFS it self is not that complex to
> setup.

I really did a try on DRBD, for 2 years in a customer, so many
headaches that I considered it just unusable, sorry !

Same with FreeNAS and Nas4free, try it with heavy load and it crashes
randomly, no way !!!

The ZFS implementation on Linux looks fuctional, but there are not any
tool to help the setup, so, for now I considered it not practical ...

BTRFS will do the same that ZFS does, but it is in the same status as
ZFS on linux, no simple tool to help the implementation, so, at least
for now, I considered it not practical too .

That's all the motivates me to use Napp-it, it is the only one with
stability under heavy load to be usable in a production environment

My opinion ...

Fábio Rabelo

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