[PVE-User] Radical difference in Backup times for one Vm's

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 21:37:50 CET 2014

Wondering if anyone can suggest a reason for this. I have 7 VM's being backed 
off a node, direct to a USB3 external disk via a Directory based Storage

6 of the VM's have backup times varying from 8 min to 52 min. The "dh -h" 
sizes of their disks vary from 16GB to 57GB.

The 7th vm has a du size of 97GB and takes 4 *hours* (240 min) to back up.

It seems rather more than it should take compared to the others - any 

All VM's are windows, qcow2 on shared NFS storage. Backups take place at night 
when nothing else is using the hosts or network.


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