[PVE-User] System extremely slow when creating a VM...

Angel Docampo adocampo at dltec.net
Wed Feb 26 10:46:11 CET 2014

El 24/02/14 21:22, Gilberto Nunes escribió:
> A note: I install PVE from ISO, no on top  Debian.... 
Well, I never, a part from the very first time, installed PVE from 
ISO... and pveperf gave to me far worse results than yours

CPU BOGOMIPS:      47999.36
REGEX/SECOND:      1153521
HD SIZE:           12.91 GB (/dev/mapper/pve02-root)
BUFFERED READS:    69.72 MB/sec
FSYNCS/SECOND:     209.98
DNS EXT:           82.69 ms

But I have no slowlyness when creating a VM, it is created instantly, so 
I guess


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