[PVE-User] Off-site backup for VMs and Containers

Gerald Brandt gbr at majentis.com
Tue Feb 18 21:16:51 CET 2014

On 2014-02-18, 12:02 PM, Pongrácz István wrote:
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>> Its easy to do incremental and encrypted backups to a ftp/ssh/scp 
>> backup space.
>> Use PVE to make a backup an uncompressed backup,
>> Create an encrypted gz/lzma backup, delete the uncompressed backup
>> incremental backup that file to ftp/ssh/scp.
> Hi,
> As I wrote earlier, I use zfsonlinux for easy, flexible, low resource 
> hungry solution to send backups to offsite and keep several backups in 
> place if something goes wrong (messed upgrade of a VM, etc.).
> With the stock PVE configuration with local disks I had a nightmare 
> every night: backup one copy of every VMs/CTs, took 8-9 hours and take 
> a lot of space.
> Now I use zfs-auto-snapshot -> it takes no time to create as 
> many/frequently "backups" in place, without wasting spaces and time 
> and I can use daily zfs send/receive to achieve a remote backups.
> Again, this solution does not need any resources (high cpu / disk io / 
> disk space / lvm snapshot / time / rsync / whatever) thanks to the zfs 
> features.
> I did not try but as far as I know, ceph also has live snapshot/self 
> healing capabilities, so, one who use ceph should do the same, 
> probably easily.
> Afaik GlusterFS is not really good for the same purpose itself, but 
> using it on top of a ZFS storage and using only mirrors should work 
> well for off site backup.
> Cheers,
> IStván
If you don't have zfs, you can try this: 

I used it for other purposes, not Proxmox, and it worked well.


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