[PVE-User] Off-site backup for VMs and Containers

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Tue Feb 18 12:28:10 CET 2014

Le 18/02/2014 08:53, Pongrácz István a écrit :
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>> On 18 February 2014 09:36, Bruce B
>   wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> I am looking for a quick and reliable off-site backup service provider and
>>> solution that can backup my Proxmox data based on below conditions:
>>> - Be mindful of bandwidth usage and backup only the changed files / data and
>>> not all data every-time
>> I believe that the backup format (vzdump) is not friendly to incremental
>> backups
> I also wondering about these requirements.
> I think, one with these requirements needs to think the storage again, for example using live snapshots capable filesystems, like zfs (I use it for the same purpose) or ceph.
> Stock Proxmox with lvm/ext3 backend not really easy or lightweight to backup like this.
> Cheers,
> IStván

I'm considering that topic too, and you are right the key, for me, is 
around the storage management. GlusterFS, like Ceph I think, provide the 
capability to "geo-replicate" (encrypted transfers) data and thus to 
achieve an off-site backup.

I would be curious if anyone have had setup another method.

Kind regards,
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