[PVE-User] about create/delete custom vdisk in storage

alex.lu lyt_yudi at 126.com
Mon Feb 17 03:04:52 CET 2014

yes, i see, and i had test it, but i still can’t rename or manage it 

use api to create from other volume, it’s nothing.
create /nodes/{node}/storage/{storage}/content/{volume} -target <string> [OPTIONS]

for example:
create /nodes/test01/storage/c051411/content/vm-101-disk-2 --target c051411:vm-103-disk-1    
DEBUG: COPY c051411:vm-101-disk-2 TO c051411:vm-103-disk-1
DEBUG: starting worker UPID:test01:000030E5:01F1927D:53016C09:imgcopy::root at pam:
DEBUG: end worker UPID:test01:000030E5:01F1927D:53016C09:imgcopy::root at pam:
UPID:test01:000030E5:01F1927D:53016C09:imgcopy::root at pam:200 OK

where i loss something?

my share storage use ceph.

在 2014年2月14日,下午5:29,Dietmar Maurer <dietmar at proxmox.com> 写道:

>> For now, if i delete the vm, the vdisk is deleted too, because this is an
>> ownership relation between disk images an VMs.
> The ownership relation is used for security and management (delete disks when VM is deleted).
> Also for volume activation/deactivation.
> So that is very important, and I doubt you can easily remove that.

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