[PVE-User] about create/delete custom vdisk in storage

alex.lu lyt_yudi at 126.com
Fri Feb 14 07:52:20 CET 2014

I mean, 

for now, create a vdisk is based on the vm, Not based on the share storage to create a vdisk,

the share storage have no manage vdisk feature!   


> 发件人: "alex.lu" <lyt_yudi at 126.com>
> 主题: [PVE-User]about create/delete custom vdisk in storage
> 日期: 2014年2月14日 GMT+8下午1:18:27
> 收件人: pve-user at pve.proxmox.com
> hi,
> 	I want to create or delete a custom vdisk in storage( ceph or other storage ) from gui or api
> 	how i can do it? 
> 	for example from cli (pvesh):
> 	create /nodes/{node}/storage/{storage}/content -filename <string> -size <string> -vmid <integer> [OPTIONS]
> 	this is the filename can customize?
> 	or extended pve code can to custom create it ?

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