[PVE-User] backup job blocked

Tonci Stipicevic tonci at suma-informatika.hr
Mon Feb 10 09:55:55 CET 2014

Dear all,

yesterday I had problem that link between pve host and nfs backup share 
was down
and backup could not not successfully proceed. VM that was backing up in 
this moment was in backup-lock and unavailable.

At this time both pve hosts (from cluster) had "dead" pve-web manager 
console and I had to restart services and this was no problem.

In order to (re)start VM I could not kill this vzdump job ...  at the 
end I had to restart the node manually ... pressing the power button

It turns out that losing link with backup nfs share could be very 
sensitive issue (during the backup) ?!

What are we supposed to do in such situation ?  is there any reliable 
way to shutdown jobs that block the entire cluster

thank you in advance and

/srdac(an pozdrav / best regards/

Tonc(i Stipic(evic', dipl. ing. Elektr.
/direktor / manager/
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