[PVE-User] CEPH Requirements

David Thompson david at digitaltransitions.ca
Tue Feb 4 17:23:42 CET 2014

I have been reading over the CEPH requirements located here:

In the recommended hardware, I get why you would want to have high end hardware for this as it makes sense. However for testing I was hoping something like this might work since its much cheaper hardware. I am hoping someone can give me a yes or no that this setup would work for testing out CEPH.

Supermicro X 3 : http://www.supermicro.com/products/system/1U/5018/SYS-5018A-TN4.cfm

This is an intel atom 8 core low power server. 
16 (or 32) GB RAM
Internal 10GB Ethernet PCI Card - Intel X540-T2
64 GB SSD Drive for Proxmox Boot System
1TB X 3 LUNS ISCSI Drive exported from my storage array (1 for each server) for CEPH Storage
Netgear 10GB Switch

I’m trying to build a testing environment for as little as possible for CEPH testing, but not sure if this would work or not. The supermicro server runs Proxmox just fine, even though it states its not a supported hardware architecture, I can run openvz and KVM without any real issues.
The limitation on the server themselves outside of being a really high available server is its limited supported RAM configuration (32GB Max) and atom chip.
These servers are low power and priced quite low (~$500.00) for the server with CPU.

Thanks for any input you can provide me with. 


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