[PVE-User] SPC-3 PR compliance

David Lawley davel at upilab.com
Fri Dec 5 21:41:27 CET 2014

My storage SAN is a ScaleComputing cluster.

It claims to have SPC-3 PR compliant iscsi targets.

I have 3 targets setup with SPC-3 enabled and connected to the Proxmox 

using sg_persist -n -i -k -d /dev/sd(x) on each connected iscsi 
connection from Promox gives the following result

PR generation=0x0, there are NO registered reservation keys

Vendor says that multi path is not required when using SPC-3 PR on the 
san, but I would suppose that also means that the initiator would also 
need to be compatible?

So I'm asking if the consensus is muti path is required no matter what 
on the Proxmox nodes or is SPC-3 really doing it?


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