[PVE-User] VM io-error

Tonči Stipičević tonci at suma-informatika.hr
Wed Dec 3 12:22:26 CET 2014

Hello to all

this is no question again  :-) just want to share something

recently I encountered VM - status  IO-error (in the proxmoxm web 
interface)   and was pretty scared
Vm started OK but after after few minutes has blocked and the only way 
to make it alive was restart
after some time the other one started the same behaviour too  and yet 
three another right after
DC started booting but pretty soon BSOD appeared  ... thougt AD was gone

  but only one was running ok

So I checked everything I could (hw, disks, raid status , ... ) but 
everything was fine

but 5 VM were blocking (io-error) and only one did not

Completely by a chance I looked at the store partition summary and saw 
0kb available ..... CLICK !

images were in qcow2 format that grows on demand

the healthy VM was on another partition with enough free space

As soon as I freed some space , VM started "singing and dancing" as they 
did before :-)  especially DC Vm
no corruption at all

Hopefully this will help someone not to lose to much time and nerves 
troubleshooting this symptoms

So proxmox platform rocks again :-)



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