[PVE-User] Console issue with reverse proxy.

Nick Dew ndew at canhost.ca
Wed Aug 27 01:19:06 CEST 2014

Alexandre Kouznetsov <alk at ...> writes:


> - The Proxmox node is forced to route outgoing packets from VNC server 
> via the reverse proxy. This may be done just setting default route or 
> tricking policy based routing, both work.
> The load balance is not possible with this setup, at least not 
> automatically. But Proxmox's IP is not exposed to the evil Internets.
> Greetings.
Hi Alex, 

How did you get the proxmox node to route the traffic back to the reverse 
proxy, i have everything else working i think but i don't know how to do 
that last step, i see the traffic leaving the reverse proxy server but 
nothing comes back. 

Nick D.

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