[PVE-User] problems to login into Proxmox Webinterface

kthofer karl-theo_hofer at inteli-sim.com
Mon Aug 25 14:21:31 CEST 2014

we are running Proxmox 3.2-4
we have 6 nodes and some (8) VMs running in a Dell e1000 chassis with 
PowerEdge M620 Blades
we installed proxmox and use PAM to log in.
on proxmox level we configured a user root including its certificates 
each blade has the them user / pw and the same certificate.

Now we try to log in we get the https side we can open it get the 
user/pw mask
On only two blades the configured PAM user/pw pair is working on the 
other blades (proxmox webside) the login is denied.
ssh connections between the blades on cli level are working using the 
user/pw combination.
any idea why proxmox is behaving like this?

With best regards

Karl Theo Hofer

M: +46 7030 22178
E: karl-theo_hofer at inteli-sim.com

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