[PVE-User] Time synchronisation

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Mon Aug 11 20:26:14 CEST 2014

No... Mainly because I don't understand how to configure openvswitch with pve without breaking everything.
Each host has 4x Intel e1000, bonded, running VLANs over the LAG.  Management is in-band on one of the VLANs.
Can't see how to migrate this config to vswitch.

On August 11, 2014 1:03:58 PM CDT, Michael Rasmussen <mir at miras.org> wrote:
>On Mon, 11 Aug 2014 12:45:35 -0500
>Adam Thompson <athompso at athompso.net> wrote:
>> Note that the vmbr (linux bridging module) does add a measurable
>amount of latency; I haven't tried VT-d yet, because I'd rather retain
>the ability to hot-migrate the VM than reduce latency by ~0.5msec.
>Have you tried comparing vmbr to vswitch?
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