[PVE-User] About GRE tunnels and the new OVS bridging

Diaolin diaolin at diaolin.com
Tue Apr 22 09:15:04 CEST 2014

As i said to Dietmar i tested it intensively for
adding a patch to adopt it in the PVE interface.


- very slow if the network is Gigabit (max 350Mbit)
- the transport has no encryption

I think that the better solution is to use a VLAN and
use the entire bandwidth (if needed).

I probed with openvpn crypted and uncrypted and i had
a better result (more than 50% of the net bandwidth)

This happens due to the use of bridging because if i use
(as route) a real interface and not a vmbr the result
are very good (OVS or OpenVPN).

And despite i didn't write the patch...

Sorry but if you intend to use a transport create one with
openvpn (even in MESH mode) that works better and is encrypted


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