[PVE-User] Serious error with e1000e driver with Intel Corporation 82574L NIC

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Thu Sep 26 09:09:29 CEST 2013

Zitat von Pongrácz István <pongracz.istvan at gmail.com>:

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>>> Anyway, I will contact the factory too about this issue and ask their help.
>> If I understand the blog correctly this is an issue for un-board Intel
>> nics and not an issue with Intel produced add-on nics?
>> I hope I am right cause all my servers and desktops are equipped with
>> Intel manufactured e1000e add-on nics.
> As I checked on the internet, this kind of problem happens onboard  
> NICs, too, even with Intel products.

 From what i have understand it happens *only* with onboard NIC,  
because with this the Board Manufacturer is responsible for the NIC  
firmware and according to Intel they sometimes flash the wrong  
settings for the 82574L. We had a Fujitsu Board with the very same  
problem but none of our Intel add-on cards where affected.

> Otherwise I have original Intel server board, Intel hardware raid  
> card with hot swap support. Except it just killed my raid10 changing  
> only 1 hdd online. It was not able to recover even the raid10 with 3  
> good hdds. So, we can trust in a brand, but the reality is different.

As said have a look for Board BIOS update.



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