[PVE-User] iSCSI backed LVM

Tanács Dávid Szilveszter tanacsdavid at sosperec.hu
Fri Sep 13 16:17:31 CEST 2013


I try to install a new 'storage' for my proxmox cluster (upgrade from 
NFS), but I met an error. An Ubuntu based iSCSI target is created, and I 
want to use it as a backend for the LVM, like this: 
. Everything seems OK, but I don't see the capacity of the storage and 
I cannot create VM, because irt says, there's no volume group with the 
previously given name.

The ietd.conf is this:

Target iqn.2013-09.storage1:storage.lun1
         Lun 0 Path=/dev/sdb,Type=fileio
         Alias Lun1

What am I doing wrong?

Thank You in advance!

David Tanacs

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