[PVE-User] Extending LVM SAN storage

VIDAL, Thomas (Bioversity-France) t.vidal at cgiar.org
Thu Sep 12 11:13:47 CEST 2013

Dear all,

For the moment I have two proxmox nodes (2 Dell R720), not running in 
cluster, and both are connected to a Dell MD3220i SAN. At the beginning 
the SAN has only 500Gb of HD, then now I added in the SAN several discs 
and add them in the SAN interface. I have now 3Tb in the SAN. But 
proxmox nodes are still using and viewing 500Gb.

Can someone help me in procedure to extending the size in Proxmox ? I 
found several web pages on this, but not all pages are saying exactly 
the same.... and I don't want to crash all nodes and VMs....

Many thanks and have a nice day.


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