[PVE-User] Cloning vm

Luis G. Coralle luiscoralle at fi.uncoma.edu.ar
Tue Sep 10 16:20:45 CEST 2013

Hi all, I'm using Proxmox 3.0-20 as cluster with 2 nodes, pve1 and pve2. It
has only local storage, local(pve1) and local(pve2)

1. I create a VM, vm1-test on pve1 node.
2. I clone vm1-test from pve1 node to pve2 node named vm2-test

When clone process ends successfully, the configurations of vm2-test are on
pve2 node, but hard disc are on pve1 node. Is it ok? It should be the disc
of new clonded VM on node2? The only solution is moving the hard disk of
new VM by hand?


Luis G. Coralle
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