[PVE-User] Question about swap and SAN

Markus Edholm markus at mefixit.se
Thu Sep 5 17:03:18 CEST 2013

I'm quite new to virtalizing.....
and have some question about memorysetup.

Just started to test proxmox for my servers.

Using SAN for the virtuals storage and the mainservers harddrive for,
proxmoxcore and iso/templates

Is there any way to have all virtual machines use swaparea on mainserver
instead of virtual swap inside raw/qcow file?
This feature exist in vmware esxi, as I tried but abandon for 32Gb
memorylimit in "free version"

Or is there any other clever setup to avoid swapping on my SAN?
Is there any does and dont for choosing fixed memory vs auto allocate?

Markus Edholm

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