[PVE-User] Moving from XenServer to Proxmox... slowly

Kurt Bauer kurt.bauer at univie.ac.at
Thu Oct 24 16:18:58 CEST 2013

Gerald Brandt schrieb:
> Hi,
> I'd considered that, but I'm having trouble finding a system that supports VT-d/VT-x.
> Any hiccups converting Xen to KVM?  I imagine the Windows boxes will move easily enough, just using clonezilla or similar.  The rest of my servers are Ubuntu based, and PVM's so I'll need to add a kernel, so I'm looking at http://www.blog.turmair.de/2010/12/xen-to-kvm-or-physical-vmware-migration/
That's quite similiar to what we did, installing kernel and grub in the
paravirtualized XEN-guest, then all the dd, parted, losetup, kpartx
stuff to get the lvm based XEN Host into an image ( no fancy grub stuff
here), moving the image to whatever you want (keep it raw, convert to
qcow2 or as in our case import into ceph cluster), booting the virtual
machine created in proxmox (with the image attached correctly) from
OS-CD (or any rescue CD), do a rescue (ie. mount vda1, execute a shell
there, do a grub-install and update-grub), and ready you are to boot up
a working KVM clone of your XEN guest.
Whilst the dd and parted step you can do all kinds of fancy stuff, like
merging partitions, resizing, adding,...

> Any performance issues?
In which regard?

> Gerald
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>> Hi,
>> we did pretty much the same thing over the past weeks, ie. changing
>> fom
>> XEN to KVM (Proxmox) reusing the hardware already in place and
>> production. But we didn't went down the 2-Node cluster road, what we
>> did
>> instead was, that we used an old server machine as a third node, just
>> for the sake of quorum and not having to deal with all the problems,
>> that may occur on a 2-Node cluster. No guests on that machine and as
>> soon as the 3rd production machine was free, we added it to the
>> cluster
>> and removed the old one.
>> I guess performance is not an issue for that 3rd machine, as long as
>> it
>> has no guests.
>> Hope that helps a little,
>> best regards,
>> Kurt
>> Gerald Brandt schrieb:
>>> Hi,
>>> We've pretty much made the decision to move from Citrix XenServer
>>> to KVM (Proxmox) for our Virtual solution.  Unfortunately, I don't
>>> have all the computers available to me at the start, since
>>> migration will use the existing XenServer computers.
>>> To start, I'll have two servers, using a single iSCSI, in an HA
>>> cluster.  Once they are running and some of the virtual machines
>>> are migrated, I can add a third server.  Finally, I can add the
>>> fourth server.
>>> Is there anything I need to look out for when creating the 2 server
>>> HA cluster and then converting it to a 3 and 4 node cluster?
>>> Has anyone done this, and created a HOWTO I can follow?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Gerald
>>> ps: Been using Citrix XenServer since Jan 2009.  We've had enough
>>> issues with VM disk corruption to haunt me for year (using
>>> LVMoveriSCSI).  It's a bloody house of cards.
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