[PVE-User] Live migration speedup

Lex Rivera me at lex.io
Sat Nov 2 18:26:26 CET 2013

Not sure about completely disabling encryption, but that's now i use
less cpu-hungry ciphers for local network:
in $HOME/.ssh/config:
Host 10.* 172.* 192.168.*
Ciphers blowfish-cbc

On Sat, Nov 2, 2013, at 05:48 AM, Laurent CARON wrote:
> Hi,
> I remember seeing a post about speeding up live migration by disabling 
> SSH cipher for people using a private link between host (which is my
> case).
> My google-fu seems not so good and doesn't lead to anything good.
> Can you please point me in the right direction ?
> My goal is basically to speedup live migration by disabling encryption 
> for live migration since I'm using a private link.
> Thanks
> Laurent
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