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Fabrizio Cuseo f.cuseo at panservice.it
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Hello Steve.
I know that is possibile with a custom (and simple) script, but as you are writing is something that is better to avoid.

Having all on the web gui can make, for a customer, all simpler; and I think that is a feature that will be appreciated from any user.

Thanks for you reply.

Regards, Fabrizio 

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If it's just the rotation part you need, you could handle that on the backup server side with a short script, copying the dailies into weekly folders, weeklies into monthly folders, etc. 

I know, rolling a custom script is something some want to avoid, but this particular script would be very straight forward. I've been using this guy's strategy for years... 


...and now that is rolled into a utility called rsnapshot ( www.rsnapshot.org ). In this case, you would only use to rotate, though, not actually back up. 

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Yes and delta backups. 

Ie.. full backup every week, then a delta backup every day. 


On 2013-05-16 01:58 PM, Fabrizio Cuseo wrote: 
> Hello people. 
> I am seeing that Proxmox misses a very important features about backup retention. 
> An example could be: 
> - Last week, N backup daily 
> - Last month, N backup weekly 
> - Last year, N backup monthly 
> So, with a total of 9 backups, I could have: 
> - The last 3 daily backups 
> - The last 3 weekly backups 
> - The last 3 montly backups 
> Another nice feature could be a "pool" selection of VM's to backup, so adding a VM in the pool will insert the VM in the backup schedule. 
> Also the machine name in the backup file will be useful (i have already read about it in the mailing list). 
> Thanks, Fabrizio 

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