[PVE-User] Does KVM(in proxmox) supports 'UltraSPARC T2 Plus' hardware virtualization extensions?

Gilles Mocellin gilles.mocellin at nuagelibre.org
Thu May 9 00:40:47 CEST 2013

Le 08/05/2013 17:13, Patryk Benderz a écrit :
> Dnia 2013-05-07, wto o godzinie 13:19 +0200, Patryk Benderz pisze:
>> [cut]
>>> No KVM can only work on Intel VT or AMD-V
>> Damn... In that case will I be able to install guest with Windows OS?
> 	This question was not rhetorical, however no response, so I'll answer
> myself. I found KVM guest support list [1] which implies that running
> windows under KVM indeed needs Intel VT or AMD-V as Derek wrote.
> 	So for sure I will get no use of virtual extensions, and (sadly) most
> likely I will not be able to run windows at all. Anybody thinks
> otherwise?
> [1] http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Guest_Support_Status

First of all, Windows does not work on UltrSparc CPUs.
So only an emulation solution can make it run.
So, nothing using accelerated CPU instructions.

I think the only way to use Windows on UltraSparc CPU could be qemu (to 
be confirmed if qemu run on UltraSparc), and will be slow.

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