[PVE-User] Openvpn on Proxmox Node

Jorge Moratilla Porras jorge at moratilla.com
Tue May 7 14:05:39 CEST 2013

I have a three cluster configuration with one of the nodes working through
a vpn with openvpn (bridged mode).  I closed the web port so only can be
accessed through the vpn IP address.

You shouldn't have any problem with openvpn and ssl as well they are on
different ports, moreover if you change your httpd listen ip to an internal

Jorge Moratilla

2013/5/7 Muhammad Yousuf Khan <sirtcp at gmail.com>

> For some reasons i do not want to port forward/publish Proxmox server but
> want to use it via OPENVPN i am old fan of openVPN and using it for quite
> some time therefore i want to install openvpn on proxmox box to make it
> remotely available.
> i do not wana add another layer of VM to run it for only VPN purpose. i
> want proxmox box to act like a VPN server along with virtual environment..
> actually i am worried because  Proxmox is Using HTTPs means SSL encryption
> and SSL is also use by openVPN
> i am worried if i play with CA certificate it might make Proxmox web
> console unavailable.
> is there any side effect to use it that way?.
> Thank you.
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