[PVE-User] Does KVM(in proxmox) supports 'UltraSPARC T2 Plus' hardware virtualization extensions?

Michael Rasmussen mir at miras.org
Mon May 6 17:35:54 CEST 2013

On Mon, 06 May 2013 17:17:44 +0200
Patryk Benderz <Patryk.Benderz at esp.pl> wrote:

> 	So essentially my question should be: Which virtualization technology
> (KVM/Qemu/OpenVZ/other?) available in PVE gives me chance to utilize
> SPARC's hardware virtualization extensions?
Since Redhat does not support UltraSparc you will have to stick to the
Debian kernel. Given that Debian Wheezy was released yesterday this
release is the new stable. Debian Wheezy does not support OpenVZ so you
will only be able to utilize KVM.

I cannot think PVE will brake if you use a Debian kernel but remember
not to try with any OpenVZ.

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