[PVE-User] Difficulties to test fencing

Jonathan Schaeffer jonathan.schaeffer at univ-brest.fr
Tue Mar 26 12:34:02 CET 2013

Le 25/03/2013 18:12, Steffen Wagner a écrit :
> Hi,
> fencing with iDRAC6 works for me with the following parts in the cluster
> config:

While testing this, I realized that changing the cluster.conf is not 
enough to update the fencing method.

I changed the agent of a fencedivice (using a cluster.conf.new file) and 
activated the modifications in the HA tab from the web GUI.

But the command :
# fence_node -S -vv pmtest3

shows me that the previous agent is used.

I rebooted one of the node and now the new agent is used.

Wich service should I restart ?


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