[PVE-User] Asus P8B-M compatibility with Proxmox 2.x

Muhammad Yousuf Khan sirtcp at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 10:52:47 CET 2013

i wanted to implement a micro data center specially for demo only to
our customers in US office and i have selected "Asus P8B-M (Intel C204
mATX)" this mother board is there anyone working with this model as i
am  a bit confuse i had a Intel board with i7 processor and it gave me
the kernal panic messages it runs for a day or two and then hand after
kernal messages but unfortunately i haven't got enough time to see and
rectify the issue as i didn't get enough time.

Now my company asking me to implement micro/tiny data center  as it
will cost less and we need about 5 to 6 server.

i found this motherboard Asus P8B-M with Intel E3-1225 v2 Processor,
do you think it is fine to go with, because i live in a different
country and working and rectifying issues with less kernel
troubleshooting experience and additionally support from remote
country means lot of pain. would you please guide me ....


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