[PVE-User] Massive live migrations

Gilles Mocellin gilles.mocellin at nuagelibre.org
Wed Mar 20 12:31:43 CET 2013


I want that since the beginning. XEN Center has it, I think VMware 

There is two problems to solve to be right :
- Where migrating the VMs (this should work even without HA set up)
- Remember where the VMs were, to migrate them back after the node come 

That's why I thing it is not so simple.

What I personally do, is a "for" loop on the node I want to bring down.

For example :
List the running VMs (and keep it somewhere to bring them back) :
# vzlist
       100         35 running    vmlxcap024.xxx
       101         72 running    vmlxcap030.xxx
# qm list
(I don't have kvm VMs)

# for vm in 100 101; do vzmigrate --live node2 $vm; done
# for vm in 101 102; do qm migrate -online $vm node3 ; done

Something like that.

Le mer. 20 mars 2013 12:01:54 CET, Jonathan Schaeffer a écrit :
> Hi all,
> is there a recipe (I could'nt find any on the wiki) to live migrate
> all the VMs running on one host to the others (no matter where, as
> soon as it gets away from here).
> I see at least two use cases where this is usefull :
> - emergency stop of a physical host
> - scheduled downtime for ... lets say upgrade to the new shiy PVE version
> I can remember that pacemaker does it with one command "crm_standby -v
> true" which is very convenient. Is there something equivalent in PVE ?
> cheers,
> jonathan

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