[PVE-User] bridge creation script placing a comma in the wrong place?

Paul Gray gray at cs.uni.edu
Mon Jul 22 13:21:05 CEST 2013

On 07/22/2013 06:15 AM, Paul Gray wrote:
> Using the latest release's GUI to create a bridge, I needed to
> troubleshoot an issue where the bridge wasn't passing traffic.
> It appears to be a bug in the GUI's bridge creation script,
> comma-separating the interfaces being added to the bridge.
> The GUI bridge creation scripts added this:
>  root at vm4:~# tail -5 /etc/network/interfaces
>  iface vmbr3 inet manual
>         bridge_ports eth2, eth3  # <- Note the comma

Not a bug - self-imposed stupidity tax on.

That is to say, I had put the comma in the creation field during the
bridge creation script.

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