[PVE-User] md installer?

Marco Gabriel - inett GmbH mgabriel at inett.de
Fri Jul 5 08:11:20 CEST 2013

I would be very happy to see mdraid within the Proxmox Bare Metal Installer. The reason behind this is, that I often have Proxmox VE nodes attached to a higb performance SAN or some other shared storage system. Often I don't even use the local storage on a proxmox node, but I'm very happy to see the node still working in case of a hardware/harddisk error. And this is something you can really nice do with a mdraid as local raid performance doesn't matter here.

My experiences on mdraid are ambivalent. While a mdraid provides very good stability, raid migration, easy maintenance and good throughput performance, I didn't get a low latency storage (means high IOPS) even on a RAID10 layout. 

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> >Does anyone know the reasons behind that decision?
> >
> >In my experience, Linux software RAID is exceptional in performance and stability.
> My experience is 100% different. I guess we will try to support software RAID when we switch to BTRFS. Doing it at file-system level makes more sense to me. But BTRFS need to be stable before we do that change.
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